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May 09, 2013, 17:51:49 by Häppy C@mper | Views: 1757 | Comments: 3

Hi, another small update of the script:
  • Automatic AFK. Spectators that are inactive for more than 5 minutes will be set to AFK automatically.
  • Players that are AFK for more than 15 minutes will be kicked.
May 05, 2013, 18:53:32 by Häppy C@mper | Views: 3142 | Comments: 11

OK, time to present what I have been working on during the last few days.
  • Set a password for your U.S.G.N.. Grumpy Häppy ;) changed his mind and decided that Deus' proposal was actually pretty good. You can now use the !passwd command to set a password for your U.S.G.N., like this:

        !passwd <password>

    If you want help to choose a good password, use the !genpasswd command. It will generate and set a fairly good one.

    Next time U.S.G.N. is down, you can use the !login command to set your U.S.G.N.:

        !login <U.S.G.N.> <password>

    Running the !passwd command without an argument disables logins for your account. Use this if you fear someone is trying to hack your account.

    Three failed login attempts in a row will lock your U.S.G.N. for three hours.

    Note: Do NOT use the same password as for your U.S.G.N. account at unrealsoftware.de!
    Note 2: Choose a GOOD password! This is especially important for moderators and admins.
    Note 3: All login attempts are logged together with the IP address. Trying to hack an account will lead to a permanent BAN!
    Note 4: Your rank will NOT be updated even after successfully setting your U.S.G.N. with !login. It only works if you are really logged in to U.S.G.N.. Your activity will be registered, though, so that you can keep or gain V.I.P. status, for instance.
    Note 5: Hot Chills staff will NOT reset your password if you lose it. However, when U.S.G.N. is up, you can change it without having to enter the old one.
  • Sound effects for notifications, warnings, errors, PMs and GMs have been added.
April 30, 2013, 08:18:58 by Häppy C@mper | Views: 2437 | Comments: 6

DC has made a temporary workaround for the U.S.G.N. problem, see this post.

Thanks to Mosher and Chilla_Girl for making me aware of this.

Edit: It looks like U.S.G.N. is down again, even on port 40000. :(

Edit: Port is back to 36963 again.
March 30, 2013, 19:29:38 by Häppy C@mper | Views: 2678 | Comments: 6

I just added a few new commands:
  • !afk or Command→Set Away From Keyboard - V.I.P. command that adds an [AFK] tag to your name and makes you a spectator. The tag is removed automatically if you say something, press F2-F4 or join a team.
  • Moderation & Administration→Make Away From Keyboard - Moderator command that marks a player as away from keyboard and makes them spectator.
The server information text has been expanded to explain V.I.P. and hats. The join message has also been tweaked a bit.

Level "User" has been renamed as "Guest".
March 24, 2013, 11:30:01 by Häppy C@mper | Views: 1978 | Comments: 3

Ok, time for an update. It's been a while, but I honestly haven't done a lot with the server due to personal reasons. Here's a list of recent changes:

Script changes
  • Group messages and private messages now have the same style as broadcasts and regular chat.
  • New level: Junior Moderator (JMod). It's an introductory level for new moderators. The biggest difference compared to a regular moderator is that they can't kill (using menus) or temporarily ban players. Also, they can't send or receive moderator group messages.
  • Moderators now have no cool down time for broadcast messages, i.e. they can send broadcast messages with no delays in between.
Bug fixes
  • Attempt to fix bug with player attributes (hats) not showing sometimes.
  • If you changed weapon from knife to something else too quickly at round start the script would change back to knife again.
  • Internal bug that could make menus and other functionality malfunction occasionally.
New/modified rounds
  • Machete added to AWP rounds.
  • Airstrikes round: Unlimited airstrikes.
Other changes
  • New map: dm_dust. There were complaints that the bomb caused difficulties and confusion for terrorist players so I removed the bomb spots from de_dust and saved it as dm_dust.

Hmm, the list is longer than I thought. I guess I should communicate the changes more frequently.
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