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General Discussion / The time has come
« on: October 18, 2016, 15:08:42 »
Alright, fellas.
In this topic i'm gonna talk about the recent and upcoming events of my life.
Long story short, i'm quitting Counter-Strike 2D.
No, not forever.

The reason behind this is that i recently finished university and in most of the countries there is a thing called "conscription".
In other words, it's the enlistment of people in military service.
For example: i'm over 18 years old, i don't have a job and i don't study, the country finds these people and tells them to join the army. And sadly, i've become one of those.

In the end of summer i submitted documents to another university to study for a Master's degree, but while they were reviewing my documents i got a letter from the recruitment department which said i need to serve in the military. After some days of frustration i decided to withdraw my documents from the university and go to the recruitment department.

I passed the medical examination (those are not really exams, they just check your body and health), got all the documents i need, and they told me that i'm pretty healthy.

On the 28th of September they told me that i have like 20 free days before leaving my city.
So i enjoyed the hell out of them.
I legit woke up every day at 12 pm, ate as much as i want, played video games till it's evening, watched YouTube, some movies, series, listened to music, hanged out with my best friends and visited many relatives.

And now it's time for me to say good bye.
I didn't think this would happen, but as it seems, life wants to test me :)
I'm really thankful to this community for accepting me the way i am. From the first day of being a part of this group i was really happy and excited. I met a lot of awesome people, played for sooo long, achieved my goal (1st rank, huehuehue) and had a really good time.

I can't express myself how thankful to all of you i am.
Thank you Happy Camper, for all the cool work, for keeping up the site, server, community. (And my SMod, lel)
Thank you Turkey and Bounty Hunter, for accepting me as a mod.
Thanks to everyone else i spent time with, you people cheer me up :)

I enjoyed to be a part of you all.
I will visit the site if i'll have internet there, but i doubt that i'll be able to play.
I'm also changing my nickname to Maloo, i just like it :)

I wish you all good luck and i hope that when i come back, you all will be here, supporting the community.

Stay strong, stay sexy and get laid :)

Hyorgh out.

Server / Ddoser
« on: October 16, 2016, 17:57:25 »
So the server was being ddosed again, and this little guy was sitting in spectators the whole time
After several attacks i joined specs just to see if he's even doing something, checked him and then this happened:

[18:52:04] # 4: (.  Y  .)
[18:52:04] Level: Guest
[18:52:04] IP:
[18:52:04] Country: Romania
[18:52:07] p killed Player with Five-Seven
[18:52:12] » Flamethrower and speed «
[18:52:15] (.  Y  .) (Team) *DEAD*: You know, i'm DoSing this server.
[18:52:16] Player killed » EliteARG « Daniela <3 with Flamethrower
[18:52:16] p killed Thisisbaty with Flamethrower
[18:52:16] (.  Y  .) (Team) *DEAD*: ban me.
[18:52:19] p killed [ b ]AgainstCheaters with Flamethrower
[18:52:23] Maloo (Team) *DEAD*: k
[18:52:25] » «

He immediatelly left the server even without the "Has left the game" message, so i'm pretty sure he's responsible for that.
Not sure if it's his IP, but i'd like it to be blocked.

Edit: Nevermind, he later continued joining through other IPs and i even had a conversation with him on DR Doghouse. Wanted to find out what are his goals.
He said he finds it fun to watch people suffer and he crashes servers because he's bored.

Server / Ddoser
« on: May 25, 2016, 15:04:09 »
So i was sitting in specs while watching people play.
A guy called Shyster Angel joined and started talking some shit about ddosing the server.
I thought he was joking, but then the server did crash.

Before that he wrote this:
[15:51:57] Shyster Angel: Guys
[15:51:57] FrЄncis connected
[15:51:58] LeanSip joins the Counter-Terrorist Forces
[15:51:58] Raptor killed [UsK] * Motasem x35 with M4A1
[15:51:59] Dirilis killed [HD]CS Source 2D with M4A1
[15:51:59] «*{F®é§#_Pøwé®}*»R0: shraf
[15:52:00] FrЄncis joins the Counter-Terrorist Forces
[15:52:01] [HD]CS Source 2D *DEAD*: NOB
[15:52:02] Shyster Angel: when this server DDOS GO DRAFT CITY
[15:52:03] Shyster Angel: OK?

He's one of those people that try to convince others to join his server...
How stupid of him.
He crashed the server several times.

Here's his info:
[15:28:00] # 15: Shyster Angel
[15:28:00] Level: Guest
[15:28:00] IP:
[15:28:00] Country: Algeria

Server / Another Ddos attack
« on: April 24, 2016, 18:36:06 »
So, the server froze like 6 times in a row, and a guy called "Subliminal Message" (ID: 153564) caught my eye.
He was on the server during most of the attacks.
Also, his nickname probably does contain a certain message to us, lol.

Server / Hacker Report
« on: March 19, 2016, 19:53:43 »
Today i encountered two hackers.

The first one was a Swedish guy. Firstly i recorded him speedhacking, then i kicked him.
He joined again, i kicked him. He later joined again, and i kicked him again.
After kicking him for several times he got bored and left.
I'm not sure which kind of mod i am, but i can only kick players.
So it's kinda hard to get rid of hackers.
Here's the info about him:

And the evidence:
Sorry about the short video, my net sucks these days and it takes me ages to upload on YouTube, so i cut it.
You can see that he moves faster than the other two players. Later starts the round where everyone has speed.

The second guy is Portuguese. I've seen and identified him a lot of times. He always uses the same nickname - Player.
Earlier he was using aimbot, and i couldn't get the right moment to catch him doing that. Today i was lucky to catch him speedhacking. But there is a problem, he was not logged in USGN.
That's all i could get:


Oh and yeah, after countinuously kicking them together for like 30 times, one of them said that i'm abusing my powers. Hmm, didn't know hackers have a right to play on the server.

Hey guys.
My name is Vova, i'm a 20 years old guy from Ukraine.
Some of you may know me as GRP or S1mple.

Game Info:
I have been playing CS2D since 2009 and i don't regret spending these years on my favourite game.
I was really active till Autumn 2013, joined |fruit|, played every day, had a lot of fun, but then the situation in my country got really tense (Revolution 2013-2014, Russia intervened Ukraine and so on). I wasn't playing till the second half of 2015. As you know, a lot of servers are gone and less and less people are playing CS2D, so i started playing on HC // Fun. I really love the server, got ranked up, more and more people recognize me and it just feels good. Oh yeah, thanks to the |fruit| clan, i really improved my aim, tactics and strategy of the game, so i consider myself as a more or less skilled player.
Current ingame nickname: Hyorgh
USGN ID: 43558

Personal Info:
Shy guy, no gf, car and music fan. Professional procrastinator since 2012.
I'm currently on my fourth year in university (Bachelor's degree), studying for an English-Ukrainian interpreter.
My level of English is Upper-Intermediate.

Reason of this application:
As i mentioned before, i do like the server. But lately, a lot of hackers have been messing around and this really pisses me off. Players can votekick them, but that won't do much, as the ban time is only 1 hour. Yet, many  hackers just quit and rejoin before they're banned, so it becomes an endless loop of votekicking. Most of the hackers don't login, so it's hard for simple players to report them, as they have no info about them.
I've been able to speak with one of the hackers and he said that he changes his IP with a VPN..
Basically, i want to become a Mod (any mod) to get the ability to check their info while they're on the server, and then report or ban them.

I'm online every day. Denis a.k.a N`, knows me personally and he has been doing a great job cleaning the server while we were playing. Now, Denis is probably busy cuz i haven't seen him in a while.

I hope i'll become somehow useful for your server.

Thank you for reading this. Looking forward to your replies.

Server / kek
« on: March 01, 2016, 15:29:54 »
You know you're too good when this happens.
I know i'll be able to play in 1 hour, just wanted to show that some players can't accurately tell whether the person is hacking or not, so they just vote anyone except the suspicious ones.

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