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Smart Hotel Channel Manager Software

RateGain’s channel manager software helps distribute rates and inventory with speed and efficiency and unlocks new revenue generation opportunities. It is a one-stop channel manager for online distribution, providing the largest connectivity covering big & long-tail channels worldwide with end-to-end two-way integration with PMS / CRS/ RMS/ Tour Operators/ GDS/ Bed-Banks/ Wholesalers & OTA’s.Further, as one of the best rated hotel software , has been connecting demand partners to supply partners for over a decade, processing billions of ARI updates and millions of reservations. Maximize your visibility on global and local OTAs and other channels to ensure you attract travellers no matter where they shop and book accommodation.

Key Features of Hotel Channel Manager Software

Two-way Channel Connections
End-to-End two-way integration with seamless flow between PMS / CRS/ RMS and demand channels with success rate of more than 99.9% for both ARI and Reservation Delivery
Common Pool Inventory
Share inventory across channels, Real-time updates as inventory is sold
Automated Yielding Rules
Helps you configure appropriate rules basis occupancy, closeouts, etc. to maximize revenue
Automated Currency Conversion
Faster response to exchange rate fluctuations, Improved rate accuracy
Productivity Reporting
Measure your success in real-time with powerful, easy to use dashboard
Enterprise Analytics & Dashboards
Understand your channel productivity, Length of stay from each channel, booking window / pace for each channel with just a click of a button
Smart Distribution
Simplify distribution by automating mapping and customer support Unlock new revenue by discovering new demand sources, expediting contracting and new channel setup, seamlessly connecting to tour operators and benchmarking against similar properties
Stop Sell
Quick “Stop Sell’ option helps you avoid overbooking

How RateGain provides the World’s Best Channel Manager

Features Other
Channel Managers
Insights on Similar Hotels Benchmarking with Similar Hotels on key metrics like ADR, LoS and Booking Window
Channel Recommendations & Enabling Connectivity Demand discovery in terms of source market & channels; End to end facilitation of channel connectivity
Automated Mapping powered by AI Mapping Recommender that mapping effort…
Tour Operator Connectivity Connect to 100s of Tour Operators & manage them in an automated manner through RateGain’s Channel Manager
Automated Yielding Rules Rule based Automated Inventory Management
Productivity Analytics Intuitive Dashboard on key productivity metrics
Enterprise Analytics Chain level analytics & Insights Dashboard
Long Tail Channel Connectivity Connectivity with local channels including the likes of Airbnb
End to end product suite Rate shopping, Brand Management, Content Distribution, GDS, OTA & TO Distribution
Common pool inventory Maintain common pool for all channels with ease
Training & 24X7 Support Webinars, In-person training & Dedicated RM
Automated Reservation Delivery Automatics Delivery of Reservations & Auto-resubmit
Automated Currency Conversion Real-time currency conversion powered by XE.com
Key channel connectivity All major OTAs integrated with RateGain’s Channel Manager
Multi-Lingual Provides support in multiple languages
GDS Connectivity GDS connectivity with lowest setup time & low setup fee

Simplifying Distribution

Simplify Distribution with our latest innovation “Smart Distribution” which is a disruptive platform that leverages AI to:

  • Provide Market Insights and Discover New Demand
  • Bring 80% reduction in New Contracting and Onboarding Time
  • Bring 80% reduction in Manual Effort of Content Setup
  • Bring 80% reduction of Manual Effort for Room Rate Mapping
  • Benchmark against similar hotels on parameters like LoS, ADR, Booking Window, Occupancy %
  • Provide Seamless connectivity to 900+ Tour Operators

To know more about Smart Distribution and Unlock New Revenue visit our Smart Distribution description page.

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Expedia Recognizes RateGain as an Elite Connectivity Partner for 2023

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What is channel management in the hotel industry?
Channel management in the hotel industry refers to the process of managing and distributing room inventory and rates to various online travel agencies (OTAs) and other demand partners. This includes setting different room rates and inventory levels on each channel, as well as monitoring and updating prices in real-time to ensure the best occupancy and revenue for the hotel. Channel manager is commonly used to automate and streamline this process.
Why do you need a channel manager?
A channel manager is needed in the hotel industry to efficiently manage and distribute room inventory and pricing across multiple booking channels, such as online travel agencies (OTAs), demand partners and the hotel’s own website. Without a channel manager, a hotel would need to manually update room availability and pricing on each individual channel, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. Additionally, managing inventory and pricing across multiple channels can be challenging, as it requires keeping track of multiple rates and availability calendars. A channel manager automates and streamlines this process by allowing hotels to update rates and availability in real-time across all channels, ensuring that the hotel’s inventory is always up-to-date and that the best rates are being offered. This can help RevPAR for the revenue manager of a hotel or a brand.
What does a channel manager do?
A channel manager is software that helps hotels manage and distribute room inventory and pricing across multiple booking channels. A channel manager typically performs the following functions: 1. Synchronization of inventory: A channel manager synchronizes a hotel’s room inventory and availability across all channels, ensuring that the hotel’s room availability is always up-to-date and that overbooking is avoided. 2. Pricing management: A channel manager allows hotels to set different room rates for different channels and manage special promotions and packages. It also helps to monitor and adjust rates in real-time to ensure the best occupancy and revenue for the hotel. 3. Channel distribution: A channel manager distributes a hotel’s room inventory and pricing to various online travel agencies (OTAs) and other booking channels. 4. Booking management: It allows hotels to view, accept, and manage bookings from all channels in a single platform. 5. Reporting and analytics: A channel manager provides detailed reporting and analytics on bookings and revenue, helping hotels to track their performance and make informed business decisions.
What is a channel manager hotel booking?
A channel manager hotel booking is a feature of a channel management software that allows hotels to view, accept, and manage bookings from all channels in a single platform. This means that a hotel can see all the reservations that are coming from different channels, such as online travel agencies (OTAs), their own website, or the hotel’s central reservation system, in one place. A channel manager hotel booking feature typically includes functionalities like: 1. Viewing all bookings from all channels in one place. 2. Accepting or rejecting reservations from all channels. 3. Updating guest information and special requests – Managing room assignments. 4. Creating and sending confirmations and invoices. By having all the bookings from different channels in one place, hotels can better manage their inventory, avoid overbooking, and improve their overall operations. Additionally, it allows hotels to have a better overview of their booking sources and be able to make more informed business decisions.
What is the best channel manager software?
There are many channel management software options available on the market, and the best one for a hotel will depend on its specific needs and budget. Some popular channel management software options include: RezGain: RezGain is a popular channel management software that offers inventory and rate synchronization, real-time booking management, and revenue management tools.